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9 Amazing Gluten Free Recipes - the Highlights of July's #G2BGF (Got To Be Gluten Free)

Thank you so much to all of you who joined July's Got To Be Gluten Free (#G2BGF) recipe challenge. It was lovely to see what you have been making and without a doubt, we had 9 amazing gluten free recipes.

To be Honest, with the incredibly high temperatures we have been having, I am surprised that anyone has been cooking anything. The heat in the kitchen has been way too much to bear on occasion. I know that at GFHQ, we have been living outdoors as much as we can and eating whatever involves the least effort and the least time in the oven or on the hob.

But cook you have and it is now my pleasure to revisit and share your delicious gluten free creations, whilst I drool over the prospect of scoffing the lot.

I will start with the two savoury offerings. I love that people share savoury dishes in the link-up. It is a great reminder that eating healthy gluten free food is straight forward and that being gluten free is really not that bad after all!

Monika over at Everyday Healthy Recipes shared her delicious Easy Turkey Stuffed Eggplant (Aubergine) Recipe and boy, does it look good. A fuss free dish which is perfect for an easy, healthy, summer meal, it looks like it has been whipped straight out of a restaurant on the Med. I am also thinking that with all those massive courgettes and marrows that we have taking over out vegetable plot, the stuffing may be a perfect accompaniment to other stuffed vegetables as well.

Next up, Johanna from Green Gourmet Giraffe brought us a beautiful Lettuce, Broccoli and Pea Soup, which she made when in need of greens after a trip to a theme park with the kids. I have never put lettuce in a soup, but it sounds very yummy and incredibly healthy. Isn't this soup such a wonderful colour too?

On to our sweet treats... We have three desserts and 4 cake and biscuit recipes, starting with a creamy, zesty, No Churn Lemon Ice Cream made by Vicki the Free From Fairy, which she tweaked from 'Nan's' recipe after a visit to New Zealand. I love that Vicki's ice cream is made a little healthier with yoghurt and less sugar. It's so easy to reach for ultra sweet treats when the weather is hot, so having an alternative is perfect. I know I will definitely be making this at home.

From Gluten Free Alchemist, I shared a Lemon, Ginger & Dark Chocolate Tart, bursting with surprises in both flavour and texture and which would make a show-stopper to wow the guests at any gluten free dinner party. Made with gluten free, chocolate-coated ginger biscuits, they can be easily substituted for a wheat biscuit if you are lucky enough not to have to worry about gluten.

The other delicious dessert was linked by my lovely co-host Rebecca over at Glutarama. Not only gluten free, but dairy free as well, her Gooseberry Fool Crumble makes for a refreshing, light summer pudding. Bringing back memories of getting caught 'scrumping' for gooseberries through the neighbours fence when she was a child, Rebecca's days of sneaky fruit picking may be over, but her love of these tart berries remains.

Rebecca also brings us her gluten and dairy free Baked Doughnuts (Two Ways) - a ring version and some filled with jam, which look like they have a perfect crumb. I am absolutely sold on the ring doughnuts with a hint of cinnamon and that crispy glaze.

It's great to have Nina from Eat Allergy Safe join us this month with her Citrus and Glace Cherry Cupcakes, which are free from gluten, dairy and nuts. They sound absolutely scrummy and so summer fresh, with a mixture of citrus zest from orange, lemon and grapefruit.... ideal for a free from party, afternoon tea, or simply because life's too short not to eat cake.

We also have a gorgeous-looking gluten free and vegan Berry Courgette Loaf with a rather pretty Blackcurrant Glaze, brought to us by The Peachicks Bakery. Not only is Midge a total whizz in the kitchen when it comes to rustling up stunning vegan bakes, but it seems she is a master gardener too! This loaf is stuffed full of courgettes and blackcurrants from her allotment.

And finally, I brought a recipe for gluten free Jam Thumbprint Cookies, filled with my homemade Rhubarb, Strawberry & Cointreau Jam. Crisp and light, these cookies melt in the mouth, leaving a delicious jammy, fruity chewiness.

So that brings us to the end of July's round up. Thank you again to all of you who joined us. We would love you to come share your gluten free recipes and posts with the August #G2BGF which is now live over at Glutarama. Can't wait to see what you bring this month x

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  1. All lovely. I agree about the savoury food that there is lots of "accidental" gf dishes - less so in the sweet area but still some. I love the there is a bit of summery cooking here for your heatwave. BTW I tried some thumbprint cookies inspired by yours but made a total mess of them but will have to try again. So yet again I am admiring yours.

    1. Oh no.... Thumbprint cookies definitely need to be mastered.... have another try!

  2. Wonderful and highly delicious round up Kate, great to see some fuss free bakes and recipes linked up last month...the idea of cooking in this weather still tires me at just the mere thought! Excited to see what this month brings x

    1. Thanks Rebecca. Absolutely! Can't wait to see what August brings.... xx


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