Sunday, 1 July 2018

Introducing My Coeliac Parenting Guide and July's #G2BGF

Geez... Can you believe it's July already? Where have the months gone? We are at the half-way point of the year and on a downhill slide to the C word!

If it's the start of July though, it's back to me for this month's Got To Be Gluten Free (#G2BGF) link-up party.

For those of you who are joining up for the first time, the rules are simple... Link up any gluten free recipe (whether you are a gluten free blogger or not) or any post which is specifically about a gluten free issue or service. Make sure you link your post to Gluten Free Alchemist and to my lovely co-host, Rebecca at Glutarama and if you tweet your link, tag in @GFAlchemist1 and @Glutarama with the hashtag #G2BGF. We promise to share the love!

For July, I have a really exciting adition to the Gluten Free Alchemist blog to share with you. I have pulled together my now seven years experience of parenting a Coeliac child and written a series of 'chapters' to share with other parents of what we have learnt along the way.

When you first become a Coeliac parent, everything gets shaken up and with 'treatment' being total avoidance of gluten, all the rules of cooking, baking and eating are turned on their head. It's not just in the kitchen either... You have to think about and plan ahead for pretty much every scenario of childhood interaction and activity and your negotiation and challenge skills hit a fast and steep learning curve.

My Practical Guide To Parenting a Coeliac Child can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of this post, with each unique chapter being accessed by the drop-down box. Currently, the Introduction and chapters on Discovering Your Child Is Coeliac and Living with Coeliac : Food - Staying Gluten-Safe are published, but I will quickly be adding to the guide to share our wisdom on eating out at restaurants, managing child care and education, friends, playdates and parties, adolescence and travel. I will let you know when each new section is published via blog posts and social media, but if there is anything else you would like me to cover, just let me know.

Please help spread the word, especially if you know any parents of newly diagnosed children out there... If I can help just one of them feel a little less anxious about what lies ahead and support them through the wisdom of our experience in making the Coeliac childhood navigation process a little bit easier, then I will have done a good job.

... But back to the linky... I hope you are all up for a mega gluten-free party this month. Whether you are gluten free or not, have a think about what you are busy making and creating and if it's got no gluten in it, come join us.

To get the party started, I am sharing one of my co-host Rebecca's most delicious-looking recipes for Baked Doughnuts, which are both gluten and dairy free. If you hop on over and take a look at her blog, you will see that she makes not only these gorgeous ring doughnuts, but some jammy ones too.

Look out for her round-up as well, with all the delights of the June Linky. For those of you I haven't yet visited, huge apologies... I have had a crappy end to the month on the IT front and managed to pick up some computer malware as well as smash my phone screen, which has created some unexpected hitches in surfing cyberspace as well as a great deal of angst and frustration. Believe me... tears have been shed! I will be over just as soon as I regain my equilibrium...

I am keeping my fingers crossed that things are back on track, but either way, I can't wait to see what you share...

Grab the linky badge here and add to your post, it'll link to our linky main menu so no need to edit - life's too short!

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  1. Wonderful post Kate, and the drop down's look great, well done, I'd have probably thrown my laptop out of the window a few times before cracking Blogger like that! Thank you for adding my doughnuts post, these really are light and delicious, once this heatwave is past I can't wait to get back in the kitchen to bake more of these!

    1. Thanks Rebecca. There have been way too many reasons to throw my lap top out of the window in the last week.... I am almost on 'best friend' terms with the Apple chat guys in America!
      Your doughnuts looked so good I thought they would be nice to add, although I am sure you will link up some other equally yummy recipes to our little Got To Be Gluten Free link up. x

  2. Congratulations on getting the guide underway. It looks really useful and I know that I have read lots of useful stuff on here over the years - even though I have no Coeliac child I have a Coeliac niece so am aware of some of the issues (and also have a child with an allergy). You seem to have been very thoughtful about a lot of the issues that you face and I will definitely share this guide with others. I already recommend your blog when people are looking for GF recipes. Sorry to hear about your computer/phone problems - sounds very stressful. Will try to get something for the event.

    1. Thanks Johanna. That is so lovely of you. I just hope that sharing some of the bits we didn't think about until they were on us, will make it easier for other people.
      Hope you can join us again for #G2BGF this month x

  3. I love your guide. I think it's amazing. So helpful for those just starting out. And I'm super impressed by your drop downs. Clever you!

    1. Thanks Vicki x Loving the look of your ice cream too! x

  4. I've just linked up my new gf recipe. Have a good week!

    1. Thank you so much Moinika. It looks SO good. I adore aubergine. And thank you for sharing with us xx


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