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Halloween Trick or Treat Roulette Rocky Road #FreeFromHalloween

Looking for something a bit different for your Halloween Party? Get the kids scared with this Halloween Rocky Road. It may look innocent, but inside its inviting, colourful, exterior lurks a dark secret. This is no ordinary Rocky Road..... It is a Halloween Trick or Treat ROULETTE Rocky Road and its secret is set to freak out anyone who dares to eat a slice.

The recipe makes 16 tempting squares of delicious chocolate-M&M-Marshmallow loveliness, but when you gamble on your greediness, you may just get a shock! Inside two of these unoffending blocks is hidden a vicious, chilli-chocolate surprise..... For the (un)lucky person who gets one, they are in for a hot, spicy scare.

Set it on the party table with a big sign saying 'dare to eat a slice?' and watch your guests as they tentatively, anxiously nibble or feel the unexpected burn. This Rocky Road is perfect for an older kid or adult party, but even I would be reluctant to give it to littlies. On the other hand, it could be easily adapted to replace the chilli with something more child-friendly.... maybe a jelly sweet or something with an oogly texture.

Even better.... this recipe is a simple, no bake, throw together job which is so quick to make, you can be sure it will be ready for your party at short notice. Good job really..... I seem to have come to the idea with only a couple of days to spare and have posted it almost too late....

So without any further waffle, I will share with you, my lovely readers and wish you a Happy Halloween...... Enjoy the treats, but remember..... the tricks are lurking in the most unexpected places!

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Halloween Trick or Treat Roulette Rocky Road


150g butter - cut into cubes
200g dark chocolate - chopped 
50g golden syrup
20g cocoa powder
200g gluten free rich tea biscuits (I used Schar)
80g M&Ms (+ a few extra for decoration)
50g mini GF marshmallows (placed in the freezer for a couple of hours)
½ teaspoon vanilla extract

chilli trick (for two tricks)
1 cube of dark chocolate
2+ pinches of chilli powder (more or less depending on how vicious you want you 'trick' to be)

80g white chocolate
orange food colouring paste


  1. Prepare an 8 inch square cake tin by completely lining with cling film (so that it hangs over the sides) and on top of this, base-line with non-stick baking paper.
  2. Prepare your chilli tricks first, by placing a chunk of chocolate into a very small, microwavable bowl and heating in the microwave at 30 second bursts (medium setting), stirring between each until melted. Add the chilli powder and stir through thoroughly. Scoop out the chocolate and divide into two blobs on a piece of baking paper. Place in the fridge to set.
  3. Rocky Road - Place the butter, dark chocolate, golden syrup and cocoa powder into a large, microwaveable/heatproof bowl. 
  4. Microwave on medium heat at 30 second bursts stirring between each, to melt all the ingredients until completely blended and smooth (if you don't have a microwave, you can heat in a saucepan over a low heat, stirring frequently).
  5. Set aside and allow to cool slightly.
  6. Whilst cooling, prepare your biscuits, by either breaking with your hands or bashing (in a clean food bag and using a rolling pin) into smallish pieces. Alternatively, you can cut into thin sticks with a sharp knife. Set aside.
  7. In a large bowl, mix together the chocolate mixture, biscuit pieces, M&Ms, mini marshmallows and vanilla extract.
  8. Tip the mixture into the cake tin and push to the sides, so that it is evenly spread. It will look quite lumpy on the surface.
  9. Mentally divide the square into a grid 4 x 4 and using a teaspoon, carefully scoop up a little mixture from one of the grid pieces and place one of the chilli tricks into the mixture, replacing the scoop on top to hide the trick. Repeat to hide the second trick in another section.
  10. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours until fully set.
  11. Remove the Rocky Road from the tin and peel off the clingfilm and baking paper. Place on a clean cutting board.
  12. Melt your white chocolate in a small microwavable (I use glass) bowl, on medium heat at 30 second bursts, stirring between each until melted and smooth (or place the bowl over a saucepan of simmering water, stirring frequently).
  13. Add a little food colouring paste to the chocolate and mix thoroughly, then drizzle over the Rocky Road.
  14. Whilst the chocolate decoration is still unset, top with a few extra M&Ms and mini marshmallows.
  15. Leave to set in the fridge.
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  1. I think this is a fantastic idea, especially for adults! I think my kids would want to try it though. At least until one of them actually picked the chilli chocolate piece!

    1. Thanks Corina. Miss GF was really keen on the trick, but then became more cautious as we ate through and the odds of getting the chilli increased! You can make it less strong though! x

  2. Great idea especially the chilli (or super sour sweet bit).

  3. Wonderful idea Kate, this would go down a storm in our house infact this could be done all year round. My family and my sister in particular will love this at Christmas Video Night! (yes, we call it video night, just shows how long its been going on!)

    1. Thanks Rebecca. It's funny.... I hadn't reflected on the flexibility of this idea as a party game.... there are so many adaptations though!
      And yes..... Video is (sadly) a term that still escapes my lips to strange looks... I actually remember the days before video (aaagghh!) x

  4. This is a really creative Halloween idea, my kids love chilli chocolate and would be super happy if they actually picked it! Thank you for bringing your recipe to FF:) Pinned!

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Monika. There are so many variables for this..... x

  5. That rocky road looks spectacular but I am not into chilli so I would want to try other things - I saw an online video about making ping pong balls into eyeballs by drawing on them - this sort of thing could be fun to bury in there - not sure what else (tofu bacon???)

    1. Thanks Johanna. I reckon you could squirrel just about anything in there, depending on your audience! It was fun to eat..... the anticipation definitely built with each 'normal' slice! x

  6. Ooh you're so mean Kate, I haven't seen that side to you before :-)

    I'm in two minds whether I'd want a slice, it looks so delicious, but that's a lot of chilli! (maybe I'll just make one without any :-) )

    1. I'm not sure I like the idea of being mean Charlotte..... It is easy to temper the heat for the audience, though.... so I can feel less guilty! x

  7. Oh so sneaky but I love it! I wouldn't like to be a recipient of the chilli bite though lol Perfect Rocky Road! x

    1. Thanks Jo. The chilli recipients were good-natured when they found it, but I think were sort of expecting something as they were aware of the trick!

  8. Oooo I love this! I love chilli and chocolate so this would be for me. Such a funny idea!

    1. Thanks Vicki! It went down well and I will definitely use again with other options inside! x

  9. Brilliant! Im so so tempted to make this. I have two boys who love chilli but we could see how far their love of chilli goes. Now I have a wicked twinkle in my eye too. Thanks for linking up to #CookBlogShare

    1. Ha ha! Yes..... It may just have them reaching for the water! x

  10. This is such a fantastic idea! And the rocky road looks delicious, I love all of the bright colours

  11. This is so nice and colourful!

  12. OOh I love the roulette concept of eating this! The colours are just wonderful too. Thanks so much for joining in with #BakeoftheWeek. New roundup now live x

  13. You are very inventive and this is a very moreish and inviting bake! This year I celebrated Halloween for the very first time as I was always in Italy the previous years.

    1. Thank you Alida. Wow.... first Halloween?! Hope it was fun for you all! x


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