Sunday, 12 March 2017

Scotch Eggs (free from gluten, dairy, nuts,) - because it's almost Easter....

With Easter fast approaching, it is the time to start thinking about all things 'egg'........ and why limit yourself to chocolate?

This week I managed to get hold of my first goose-egg of the season from my wonderful free-range egg supplier (my daughter's old childminder), who's parents chickens, ducks and geese lay the most amazing farm-fresh eggs. I think it may find its way into a delicious frittata in the next couple of days.

One of the things we have most missed since going gluten free, is the yumminess of crunchy breadcrumb-coated dishes. I know you can make some lovely breadcrumbs from stale, heat-dried, gluten free bread, but there is something very nostalgic in my head about the 'orange' coloured commercial breadcrumbs from my childhood....... the one's that my Mum used, which were about as far as 'convenience' cooking got.

Sadly, I am older than I would like to be and when I was a kid, most of what we ate was home-made...... there was no such thing as a ready meal until I was a good way through childhood. When they did arrive..... at first tentatively and then in abundance..... we all thought they would revolutionise our lives, along with the clunky-looking 'robots' that would cook them for us and clean up afterwards.

It never happened...... the robots are still not serving our every need and most ready meals contain way too much salt, sugar and preservatives. We are increasingly castigated if we view them as 'food' for anything more than an occasional panic-eat. I am not complaining....... home cooked food is still the best and most healthy way to eat.

As for 'orange' breadcrumbs...... a couple of years ago, I found an amazing gluten free version when visiting the Allergy & Free From Show in London. I do my best to visit the show every year. It's my best source for checking out new products and companies.

These gluten free 'Crunchy Crumbs' are from Esgir (a gluten free cereal company based in Spain) and are made with a base of corn and rice. Although nye on impossible to find in UK shops, you can get them from Ocado and on Amazon. If you don't use Ocado, they are worth buying in bulk from Amazon (a few packs at a time - they don't seem to go off) and that way they won't work out excessively expensive. Believe me.... they are worth it if you want a good crunch coating to your croquettes, chicken nuggets, fish, or in this case..... Scotch Eggs!

Retro they may be, but Scotch Eggs (hard boiled eggs encased in sausage meat and a crisp breadcrumb coat) are actually really easy to make and are packed full of protein. They make a sustaining, easy to carry meal..... hot or cold...... fab for packed lunches and picnics too.

I like mine best served warm with the yolk still soft and a little bit gooey, but if you prefer a firmer yolk, just boil the eggs for a little longer.

If you are gluten-intolerant, make sure you use gluten free sausage meat, which is now more widely available. I used Tesco's finest gluten free Outdoor Bred Pork Sausage Meat, which is beautifully seasoned.

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Scotch Eggs (makes 4 large scotch eggs)


350 to 400g gluten free sausage meat (I used Tesco Finest GF Outdoor Bred Pork Sausage Meat) - if you use unseasoned sausage meat, season to taste. 
4 large free range eggs
corn flour (corn starch)
1 additional beaten egg
gluten free bread crumbs (I used Esgir Crunchy Crumbs)
vegetable oil for frying.


  1. Bring a pan of water to the boil and gently lower 4 eggs into it. Boil the eggs for 4 to 5 minutes for a softer boiled egg (or longer if you prefer a firmer yolk).
  2. Remove the eggs from the pan and plunge into a bowl of cold water. 
  3. Once the eggs have cooled, peel the shell and set aside. 
  4. Prepare your sausage meat by dividing into 4 equal sized balls and flatten slightly into wide strip that will fit around the egg.
  5. Prepare three flattish bowls : one with a couple of tablespoons of cornflour; one with a beaten egg; one with breadcrumbs.
  6. With a floured hand, mould a piece of sausage meat round an egg, easing it so that it covers the whole egg in a reasonably even layer and pinching the sausage meat together to seal the joins.
  7. Roll the meat-covered egg in cornflour and then coat in the beaten egg, before rolling in the breadcrumbs to fully cover. Set aside on some baking paper.
  8. Repeat the process in steps 6 and 7 above with the other three eggs, topping up the bowls of flour and crumbs if you need to.
  9. Refrigerate until ready to cook.
  10. Take a large frying pan/skillet and pour a layer of oil (about 1 cm deep) into the base.
  11. Heat over a medium heat until hot. Check the temperature is good by dropping a cube of bread into it and seeing if it sizzles and browns. 
  12. Shallow-fry the Scotch Eggs until crisp and golden, turning frequently to ensure an even colour. 
  13. Remove from the pan with tongs or a draining spoon and place on a plate lined with kitchen paper towel to soak up any remaining excess oil.
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  1. I have never had a scotch egg in my life - but I always think they look beautiful. I don't know of the orange breadcrumbs - perhaps they passed us by - I am sure the bought ones my mum used were the same beige as the ones I buy. And I don't think we had heard of ready meals when I was young but I still love one of my mum's versions of ready meals - a tin of baked beans!

    1. I agree they do look beautiful Johanna. Something about the contrasts of colour when you cut them open I think. They do taste pretty amazing as well (well.... home made ones do anyway...), but not much good if you are veggie xx

  2. I love this recipe Kate! As you said it does not have to be chocolate for Easter plus these are a healthier option! Thank you for sharing with #CookBlogShare x

    1. Thanks Kirstie. I am sure we will have plenty of chocolate Easter treats, but it's always nice to think savoury too xx

  3. I LOVE this! You are so very clever. I never was a fan of scotch eggs but I wonder if a home made variety might change my mind...these look incredible.

    1. Thanks Vicki. If you like eggs and you like sausage meat, I would absolutely recommend giving home-made ones a try. I don't much like the supermarket versions either. These are in a different league.x

  4. These look delicious. I have never made scotch eggs before - may have to change that! #cookblogshare

  5. Love scotch eggs, don't suppose you can come up with a recipe minus the egg!! I shall enjoy these beautiful photos instead xxx

    1. Thanks Rebecca..... could be difficult.... Scotch Egg with no egg? The clue's in the name.... but if anyone can invent an egg-free alternative, you can! xx

  6. It's nice to see a savoury Easter treat and I'm glad that you were able to find a GF breadcrumb option so your family can still enjoy crispy delights! Thanks for linking up with #TreatPetite

    1. Thanks Kat...... I guess eggs come in all shapes and sizes and both sweet and savoury. The breadcrumbs are a real find though xx

  7. My oldest 2 are obsessed with mini scotch eggs. I've never made them myself. Might be time to have a go :) Thanks for joining in with #FreeFromFridays.

    1. Oh Mel..... You must try making them. Home-made are SO much nicer! x

  8. Thanks for linking these with #TreatPetite. Regardless of what they are free from, I want one (or two!)...

  9. This sounds healthy and delicious! I have never tried making Scotch eggs but I suspect my girls would enjoy them. Thank you for sharing with the #InheritanceRecipes.

    1. It's funny Margot..... until we were GF, it would never have crossed my mind to make Scotch Eggs, but they are way better than shop-bought ones! x

  10. I’ll try this recipe soon. I adore scotch eggs and my recipe is slightly different. It will be interesting to compare. Thank you for linking to #InheritanceRecipe

  11. Thank you. They are rather iconic yet always manage to stay in fashion. Somehow, it seemed important to share this one with Miss GF! x


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