Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Miss GF Makes #7 - Snowman Cakes (made from gluten free cake leftovers)

Christmas came and Christmas went...... but there is still time for a fun and wintery cake recipe..... courtesy of Miss GF!

This amazingly creative idea for using up left-over chocolate cake and glittery sweets from our Christmas Tree Cake was all hers.... from the moment it stirred in her head, to the cute little snowmen that ended up on our plates. And let's face it..... if you live in the warmer, southern coastal neck of the UK woods, then these are probably the only snowmen that are going to be seen this winter! With the ever increasing global temperatures, I do wonder whether the kids of today will ever get to enjoy the joys of snow-building that we took for granted as children.

On another note, I am also incredibly proud of Miss GF's recent coup in her school cookery classes. Those of you who are regular readers of the blog, will know that I was a tad anxious about the probable disasters that would result from poor understanding of gluten free cookery by a (no doubt) non gluten free teacher. The likely straight weight for weight substitution of GF flour for wheat flour without any other re-jigging of wet to dry ratios was never going to end well.

Her first 2 weeks of lessons seemed a little amusing for 11 year old Miss GF, who is reasonably confident in the kitchen..... Fruit salad followed by chicken salad were hardly the most complex of dishes for her to tackle (yet even then, the teacher managed to provide glutenous bread to make croutons, rendering it unsafe for her to eat).

Week 3 was 'apple cake' week however...... Armed with lots of good knowledge about adding more moisture to compensate for dodgy ratios, Miss GF tells me she crept round the class (unbeknown to her teacher), grabbing any extra spare milk and egg that she could lay her hands on and secretly snuck her stash into her cake mix....... Her cake was best in class and was graded an A*! What a star!

Sadly, she had not enlightened her teacher of her exploits (for fear of being told off)...... so no shared learning this time round.

Anyway..... back to the Snowmen.... Miss GF has yet to learn about crumb-coating and the sides of the cake discs were somewhat crumby as a result of being cut-out and exposing the softer inner sponge. Once iced, the result was not as 'clean' and snow-like as Miss GF would have liked.... But then we realised that it was probably as good as the real snowmen we get down south, which (if built at all) are usually rolled from such a thin blanket of snow, that they end up splodged with brown lumps of mud anyway.

The extra crumbiness also made it harder to get a smooth finish, so (again true to southern snow-form) Miss GF's snowmen look like they have started to melt in the warmth of our salty coastal air!

Crumbs aside, I think Miss GF did a fantastic job and her decoration with leftover sweets and glitter made these a perfectly lovely tea time treat...... and yes..... we all bit the heads off first!

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Snowman Cakes (made with cake leftovers)


off-cuts or leftover cake (Miss GF used leftover chocolate sponge from this tree cake recipe)

small portion of vanilla butter-icing (we used a ratio of 1 part softened butter to 2 parts icing sugar + a little milk to loosen and a teaspoon vanilla extract) (method as in the same tree cake recipe)

Various leftover gluten free sweets, chocolates and edible glitter


  1. Use 2 round cookie cutters (one about 2 cm smaller than the other) - Miss GF used a 7 cm and a 5 cm cutter. Cut one round of each for a snowman (and as many snowmen as you have left-over cake for).
  2. Completely coat (except for the underside) each larger cake with butter-icing (if you want a really 'clean' colour with no crumbs embedded, then you need to do a crumb coat first (do this for both large and small cake discs at the same time), chill and then top with a second layer...... We neglected this step as you can see!
  3. Repeat the process for the smaller cake discs and place on top of the larger frosted discs to make snowmen.
  4. Decorate as you wish straight away, using any sweets. chocolates, etc that you have to hand.
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  1. Such a clever idea to use up left overs and i have to say, they are the jazziest Snowmen I have ever set eyes upon.

  2. I just smiled all the way though this post, Miss GF's cookery class coup and her southern snowmen. They do look at lot like the ones I made when I live down south when I was little :-)

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Charlotte. Brought back snowy memories for me too! xx

  3. Well done Miss GF and I loved reading about her cookery class. It seems incredible that someone who is teaching cookery doesn't seem to know anything about gluten free cooking these days. Such cute little snowmen too! Thank you so much for sharing with #CookOnceEatTwice

    1. Thanks Corina. I was really proud of Miss GF's initiative. I agree though, that in the 21st century, you would hope for better awareness and research. Miss GF is not the only GF child for sure! xx

  4. How adorable are these?! I loved this post - I hope she never loses her desire to bake. Such a shame she couldn't let her teacher know she adapted the recipe to make it work - it doesn't sound like she's got a very good teacher (at school! at home is a different story - well done you!) Thank you for sharing with the No Waste Food Challenge, and keep up the great work Little Miss GF! :D

    1. Thanks Elizabeth for your lovely comment. I too hope she always keeps her love of baking. She's quite a star and always makes me very proud! xx

  5. Sweet! they look so lovely!


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