Sunday, 17 July 2016

Watermelon-Bacardi Cooler

Summer showed itself today! It may have been only a fleeting moment, but I swear that the thermometer reached the dizzy heights of 27 Celsius. The excitement was short-lived when less than half an hour later, the clouds again filled the sky and the air cooled....

Heat or not, this is the British summer and being British, we will still insist on shorts and BBQ's, strawberries and ice lollies and (my favourite) cooling cocktails in the garden.

One of my very favourite summer refreshers is watermelon. It may not be grown here, but its colour, flavour and its sheer ability to quench thirst makes it a fruit that I always head for when the weather warms. It shouts 'Summer'!

When I was pregnant with Miss GF I had a total addiction to it....... Whilst others were craving the likes of marmite, onions and cheese, I was getting through a large watermelon single-handed every other day. I was totally distraught when (in my anti-natal clumsiness) I managed to drop one on the hard kitchen floor...... watching in horror as it shattered into juicy, wet red and green pieces across the room.....

The cocktail, on the other hand, is not something that I enjoyed in pregnancy..... I was far too focussed on giving Miss GF the best start I could and whilst I enjoyed the ripe, sweet, deep pink flesh in abundance, there was no alcohol to be seen near my lips for several months......

My Watermelon-Bacardi Cooler is inspired by my recent trip to the States...... It was going to be a Margarita...... but according to my minimal knowledge of cocktails, a Margarita requires tequila....... and I didn't have any tequila...... but I still wanted a cocktail with watermelon...... so I improvised.

I confess, the cocktail used for these photos is not my first taste of this stuff....... It's been enjoyed on a couple of occasions since my return.... first with a goodly dose of vodka and now Bacardi (........ I ran out of vodka!). It tastes fab either way, so whether you have vodka, white rum or tequila in your cupboard, I suggest you grab a bottle, a watermelon and some lime and whizz up a glass or two whilst the sun is shining!

It's not a fantastically complicated cocktail...... but it tastes great and is absolutely what the doctor should be ordering to accompany those summer barbies, garden parties and lazy warm days. If you have kids who want to join the party, then just make them a non-alcoholic version and perhaps throw a couple of strawberries or a drop of lemonade into the mix!

But beware....... one may not be enough.......

Better get a few more melons in!

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Watermelon-Bacardi Cooler (makes 2 cocktails)


flesh of ½ of small seedless watermelon
juice 1 lime
2 teaspoons maple syrup
2 to 3 shots Bacardi (or Vodka) - dependent on how strong you want your cocktail
crushed ice
extra lime/watermelon/mint to decorate


  1. Put the watermelon, lime juice, maple syrup, and alcohol into a liquidiser and blend until smooth.
  2. Half fill (approx) your cocktail glasses with crushed ice and then top with watermelon cocktail.
  3. Add an extra slice of lime/cubes of watermelon/mint leaves to decorate.
  4. Sit in the sun and enjoy!
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  1. I'll take two please! Haha. This looks aaaa-mazing!

  2. This looks so lovely & refreshing! A perfect Summer Cocktail :-) I'm looking forward to trying it, Pinned!!

  3. How delicious does that look, we love watermelon juice and I love a cocktail!

  4. sounds lovely - I am unlikely to have one with alcohol but mint and watermelon often have me scratching my head about how to use them up in summer so I will bookmark this to mocktailize when summer rolls around - glad you made the most of the heat in style!

    1. Thanks Johanna. This would be perfect with a dash of lemonade..... No need for alcohol if you don't fancy it!

  5. The perfect cocktail for these fab days of heat. I actually cannot believe summer is here finally. I was desperate for some heat and sunshine!
    I love your photos and presentation.

    1. Awww thanks Alida! It was so refreshing and very photogenic. Glad I managed to make it in time for the hot weather. I too have been desperate for a good dose of warmth!

  6. YES PLEASE!! I would love this drink, it sounds both refreshing and hydrating. Perfect for a summers afternoon in the sun! Thank you for sharing with #CookBlogShare x

    1. Thanks Kirsty.... that is the perfect description..... it was both for sure! x

  7. Wow wow wowsers! This sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I want one now (it's after 11am - that's ok, right?) I love that you were totally addicted to watermelon in pregnancy - what a fab thing to be addicted to. I had absolutely no cravings whatsoever in pregnancy (well apart from food in general!) but I had lots of food aversions - couldn't stand the sight of peanut butter for instance! And anything even slightly gone off was bleurgh - even 2 day old bread with absolutely no mould on it. Just yuk. Thankfully I'm ok with the bread now but peanut butter I'm still not keen on :-( So pinning this recipe! Eb x

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Eb. It's fine to want one in the morning! I had two for an early lunch..... for photographic purposes of course (the light was better then)!
      The watermelon addiction was amazingly healthy but very weird.... I have never met anyone else with that one. x

  8. Woohoo Kate, that is possibly the best sounding cocktail I've come across yet. I adore watermelons and they really are the best thirst quenchers. It may not have been as hot as you'd have liked on Saturday, but it sure is hot today and I could do with a whole line up of these. What a totally gorgeous colour.

    1. Thanks Choclette. That's high praise. But I have to agree, watermelons are amazingly refreshing and so I thoroughly recommend plenty of these in the heat!

  9. Ooh, I need one of these this evening! Sounds so refreshing and reminds me of my cruise ship days! #freefromfridays

  10. This looks like the perfect refreshing drink for the hot weather at the moment! It's such a gorgeous bright colour too.

  11. Yep, I could happily sip on one of these!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!! I whizzed up something similar recently with prosecco and it was to die for!!! Thanks again for hooking up with this month's Simple and in Season :-)

    1. Ooooh Yum! I can imagine how good it would be with prosecco. I'll add that to my plans for the weekend!


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