Saturday, 16 April 2016

Joseph Joseph The Dial™ Storage - A Review

Anyone who reads my blog regularly will know that I hate food waste. Unless it is crawling out of the larder or fridge, we will find some way to use it...... Perhaps not immediately, but (hopefully) within a timeframe where it is safe to eat and isn't going to end up poisoning us!

That timeframe however is the tricky part....... We end up with left-over bits and bobs scattered across every shelf in our fridge. From cocktail sausages and leftover roast lamb and bolognese...... to piddly amounts of rice, roasted veg and an occasional baked potato..... You'll even find cake cut-offs, leftover trifle and the remains of Sunday's mousse cake..... It's all there.

We use a range of containers to store food in...... We keep a handful of bought tupperware-type storage, which we must have owned for the last century judging by the tomato-stained insides, but mostly we use empty ice cream tubs for larger amounts and seemingly endless small Philadelphia Cheese pots for handfuls of this and that, none of which we ever label and none of which you can see in to from the outside, thus necessitating constant opening and closing of lids to ensure the chilli ends up in the frying pan rather than the custard.

Worst of all, we generally have no idea when it got deposited in the fridge and end up racking our brains to try and remember what we cooked when, in order to decipher whether it may still be safe to eat. If we aren't sure or can't work out which of the several pots of rice, mash or beans went in first, we have no choice but to ditch the lot...... and that is an absolute travesty in our house, even if it does prevent 'certain death' by food poisoning.

Enter Joseph Joseph The Dial™ Storage....... Oh yes.... Their inventive designers have come up with an ingenious way to ensure we never have to play tummy-bug roulette ever again! These very clever food containers have lids complete with a dateable dial that you can choose to set either for when you put the food in them, or for when you need to eat it by. Genius! Simply turn the dial clockwise to set the month and anti-clockwise to set the day.

They come in a range of sizes - Rectangular 0.7, 1 and 2.4 litre capacity and square 0.9 or 1.2 litre capacity. Buy them individually or in sets of 3 or 5 rectangular containers. They even do Dial™ Baby food storage containers with baby portion-sized snack pots that fit neatly inside a larger datable container..... Perfect for when you batch-prepare your home-made baby food or puree and need safe mini storage.

All the containers are freezer safe, making them versatile for longer-term food-keeping. The bases are also dishwasher and microwave safe (the dial lids are not microwave safe and it is recommended that they are hand-washed.... Not such a big deal as they are shaped in an easy-wash design, that enables the inside 'corners' to be reached with a sponge).

So what do I make of them?

I have been testing my stackable set of 5 Dial™ Storage for the last 3 weeks and I think they are great. They are sturdy and feel well-built and because they stack, they store neatly away when not being used. Sure, the lids are much heavier than other food containers that I have used (as a result of the Dial™ mechanism), but that has not been an issue in using them..... If anything the extra weight gives them an extra-boosted sense of quality.

The dials, which change date and month are easy to set and seem to be quite difficult to accidentally knock out of alignment, meaning the date you set stays put. I did smile though when I first used the two-way turn mechanism for displaying the date..... it really is very clever!

The fact that the tubs come in a range of sizes means that you only take up fridge space for the leftovers being saved and their clean-lined, flat-lidded, clear plastic design ensures that you can stack them in the fridge too for extra space-saving....... And you can see what is in them without opening the lid....Yay!

Yes.... I'm impressed...... They are innovative, well-made and are positively designed to help in the fight against food waste. Love them!

The cost of these containers ranges from £9 to £14 for single containers and up to £45 for a set of five. I think for what you are getting as well as for piece of mind, that's a reasonable price..... I suspect they will last a long time too....

Right now, I know that the lovely Choclette over at Tin & Thyme has an opportunity to bag yourself a set of Dial™ Storage in a giveaway (closing date 4th May 2016). So head on over to her blog for a chance to win!

With thanks to Joseph Joseph for providing the Dial Storage to review. I was not paid to write the post and was not required to write a positive review. As always, all views expressed here are my own.

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  1. I like Joseph Joseph stuff but always find it a little pricey - but it does usually look funkier than most other kitchenware so I don't mind too much!

    1. Thanks CC. I agree some of the products can seem a little pricey. But some products are worth the extra if you are getting something innovative. I guess it is a question of choice.

  2. These look fab! Your tale sounds very familiar in this house! We hate waste and always have bits and bobs in the fridge. I love the fact that the lids have a dialable system on them...BUT...I would probably only buy them in the container itself was glass. I always try to store leftovers in glass now so that I can reheat them safely. Heating plastic = not good!

    1. Thanks Vicki. I think they are a really smart idea!
      The containers are actually BPA-Free which is a good thing and hopefully reduces risk significantly. To be honest, we tend to use many of our left-overs in alternative dishes, so for the most part don't heat from the container in the microwave, and given how little direct heating we do, I am happy to use these containers...

  3. Yorkshire Puddings! Do you make these? If so, do you have a recipe please?

    1. Ha ha! Yes DC.... you spotted them..... Just posted the recipe this evening! x

  4. This is a very good brand, I like these storage boxes, they are always handy to have and I never seem to have enough of them!

    1. I know what you mean Alida. When we had to empty our faulty freezer last year, we found we had so many of them we couldn't fit them all in the cupboard! x


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