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Poblanos - baked with a stuffing of Puy Lentils, Vegetables & Cheese

We've had a bumper harvest this year with a whole range of garden and greenhouse veg. I don't count myself as a major gardener......... more of a dabbler......... but I find it amazing that with so little skill and equally small amounts of effort, you can successfully grow your own food.

I have grown chillies abundantly before, mainly buying small plants from the local garden centre of common varieties. This year however, I decided to grow a wider selection from seed which I bought on line through the South Devon Chilli Farm. If you like chillies, check out their site. It has a wonderful specialist selection of everything from chilli seeds to plants to produce, which can be posted to your home.

My harvested haul has been both very abundant and very colourful.......... The beautiful long thin red 'Ring of Fire', which gives a powerful, earthy heat; the almost as hot small 'Peruvian Purple'; the contrasting (but still hot), slightly sweeter yellow 'Bulgarian Carrot'; a milder pretty round 'Cherry Bomb' variety; and the larger, mild Poblano. I am still picking enough to be both giving away the surplus and drying them to spice up the winter months and beyond!

A few weeks back, I lightly roasted the Cherry Bombs and stuffed some of them with goats cheese and a little basil. You can find the recipe posted here. The contrast of the cold, cream-cheese filling against the cautious heat of the chilli made for a perfect hors d'oeuvres or lunch salad.

The milder Poblano is a variety that I have been wanting to grow for years. I love that it is a perfect pepper for stuffing, but with a mild chilli back-kick, it warms the throat and livens the taste buds.

The Poblanos here are stuffed with a delicious combination of Puy lentils, vegetables, herbs and cheese, cooked in a base of rich roasted cherry tomatoes (also home grown) and topped with crispy parmesan gluten free breadcrumbs.

Sadly, the photos don't do them justice. It was piddling down and getting dark outside when I made them. Whilst this added impact to the comforting warmth they exuded, it completely screwed up the opportunity to photograph them in any way which did them justice........ so you'll have to take my word for it......... they were really very very good indeed!

I am sharing my stuffed Poblanos with a handful of food challenges this month :

Simple & in Season......... I think my third entry this month...... Sorry Ren! There is still so much abundant fruit and veg to harvest at this time of the year........ Nip over to to check out all the amazing things that people have been cooking up this month.

The Poblanos and onions in this dish are straight out of the garden and the purple and yellow carrots were locally sourced from a nearby farm shop.

For that reason, I am also entering it into Shop Local with Elizabeth's Kitchen Diary.

And last, but not least..... Cook, Blog, Share with Lucy at Supergolden Bakes.

Poblanos - baked with a stuffing of Puy Lentils, Vegetables & Cheese


400g (approx) cherry tomatoes - roasted as in this post (but without the balsamic vinegar)
10 to 12 Poblano chilli peppers
170g Puy Lentils
vegetable stock (either cube, bouillon or fresh)
olive oil for frying
½ stick celery - chopped into small pieces
2 medium carrots (I used 1x purple & 1x yellow) - chopped into tiny cubes
1 medium onion - chopped
2 large cloves garlic - crushed
salt & pepper to taste
large handful of chopped fresh coriander
large handful of chopped fresh parsley
dash GF shoyu (soy) sauce
250g grated mozzarella cheese
100g grated parmesan cheese (or vegetarian alternative)
GF breadcrumbs (made by gently drying a GF bread roll in the oven and then grinding into crumbs)


  1. Prepare your tomatoes by cutting in half and roasting as in this post (but without the balsamic vinegar)
  2. Prepare the peppers by cutting in half lengthways and deseeding.
  3. Simmer the lentils in vegetable stock (as per instructions on the packet), for 20 minutes (you want to stop cooking before they go mushy). Then drain immediately and set aside.
  4. In a little olive oil, gently sauté the chopped celery, carrots, onion and garlic until soft. 
  5. Add the roasted tomatoes and stir thoroughly, continuing to simmer for 3 to 4 minutes. 
  6. Season with salt and pepper and add the chopped herbs and a dash of GF shoyu (soy) sauce to taste.
  7. Add the lentils and stir through thoroughly, then remove from the heat.
  8. Pre-heat the oven to 180 C/350 F/Gas 4.
  9. Use the lentil-veg mixture to stuff the peppers and carefully pack into a roasting tin, stuffing side up.
  10. Cover the dish in foil and bake for 25 minutes.
  11. Remove from the oven and sprinkle with a layer of mozzarella and parmesan cheese and a handful of breadcrumbs.
  12. Place back in the oven and bake for a further 15 minutes uncovered until golden brown.
  13. Enjoy!
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  1. Oh yum!! I am very impressed with your homegrown crop and puy lentils sound like an excellent filling. I am so totally making this. Just have to find the right peppers...
    Thanks for linking to #CookBlogShare always a pleasure seeing your recipes

    1. Thanks Lucy. It was really flavoursome. Definitely give it a go!

  2. These sound delicious and very mexican. I'd love to try some. What a great variety of textures and flavours. I imagine some are slightly hotter than others which would be fun to eat

    1. Thanks Katie. The textures were quite unique. The cubes of carrot were really interesting....... a completely different bite to usual sliced or lengths.

  3. I really fancy this recipe. A delicious way of enjoying these chillies. I have never heard of that Devon's chilly farm but I will take a look! I love chillies. They can lift almost any dish! Very nice recipe.

    1. Thanks Alida. I am really impressed with the Devon Chilli Farm..... absolutely check them out!

  4. This sounds utterly delicious. Your chilli haul looks fantastic, so many shapes, colours and levels of heat and flavour. Poblanos sound perfect for stuffing. We don't have a greenhouse or any indoor space, so grow rocoto chillies which can (in a good year) ripen outside. They are quite hot. One year I decided to stuff some with cheese and roast for We Should Cocoa BIG MISTAKE, we nearly killed ourselves trying to eat them. They are great chillies though and make fantastic chilli sauce. Also good for freezing so I always have fresh (frozen) chillies to hand.

    Oh and the Devon Chilli Farm do some rather interesting chilli chocolate bars too.

    1. Thanks Choclette. I feel very blessed with my chillies this year! I've never tried freezing any..... no idea why...... but I saw a load more ready for picking in the greenhouse earlier..... Do you freeze them raw? I'll check out the DCF Chocolate bars!

  5. I've never heard of poblanos before - they sound intriguing, as does your hearty and filling stuffing! Thank you for sharing with Shop Local

    1. You're welcome Elizabeth. They are really tasty...... sort of peppers with a kick! If you ever see any, definitely give them a try.......


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