Hi. My name is Kate and I am the author of the Gluten Free Alchemist blog. I work professionally in the Public Sector and have no formal link to the food industry. I am however persistent, and keen in the kitchen with a love for food and photography.

The Gluten Free Alchemist blog first posted at the end of March 2013. Born out of a need to understand a whole new world of gluten free cooking it documents a journey through experimental baking and new recipes with ingredients which for us, had previously been totally alien.

At the age of 6, my daughter was unexpectedly diagnosed Coeliac. Until then she had presented as largely healthy, if a little small and prone to maybe a few more bugs than other children. Thanks to an exceptionally astute doctor, she was diagnosed within weeks of first presentation with (vague) symptoms. I have since established that I too am highly sensitive (at least) to gluten, so avoid it completely.

And so begins our gluten free journey..........

For us, eating gluten free is not an option. It is not a health, or nutrition, or dietary choice. It is a necessity. Eating any gluten will have far-reaching health effects for my daughter that could impact significantly on her future well-being, growth, development, fertility and even life expectancy.

Actually, we consider ourselves to be very lucky! Of all the conditions that could affect us, Coeliac does not require drugs or regular medical interventions. It is controlled by diet alone. How amazing is that?!

The unexpected other positive is that we have been introduced to new flavours, textures, ingredients and creativity that has enhanced not only our eating, but also our day to day enjoyment of kitchen life.

Although there is an ever-increasing range of gluten free/free from packaged bakes and goods now available in supermarkets and specialist grocery stores nationwide, sadly some of the products are dry, crumbly, and/or lack the flavour, texture or variety of their gluten-containing counterparts.

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely welcome the growing market in gluten free options and like everyone else who has to maintain gluten-freedom, they are an essential element of availability to our busy work-filled lives.

I do however strongly believe that gluten free should not mean being destined to a life of limitation and I have made it my mission to ensure that my daughter should never have to look enviously at other people's plates and feel she is missing out. As far as we possibly can and within the limitations of our skills (apart from an O Level in Food & Nutrition, I have no formal training in either catering or dietary science), we aim to recreate all our favourite meals, bakes and snacks gluten free. From cakes, biscuits and breads to pasta, pastry and beyond......

As a family, we have embraced gluten free living...... I can firmly declare we are a gluten free household and loving it! There is no such thing as 'can't eat that...' only 'let's find a way to make it as nice gluten free..... if not better...'.

This blog is my daughter's recipe book. It is written with love, for her future. A compendium of family recipes from her childhood that will give her the memories and knowledge to recreate for her lifetime. It is also my motivation for making that record, without which many of those recipes would have been lost or forgotten.

Through the Gluten Free Alchemist blog, we share our passion with the world. Whether you need to eat gluten free or not, we hope that you will love what we create and that you might even venture to try some of the recipes yourselves.

To those who can't eat gluten, if there is something you miss, let me know..... there may just be a gluten free way around the problem!

I am willing to be contacted about opportunities to review products whether they are specialist to the gluten free market or not (providing they do not conflict with the basic gluten free requirements of our family diet). If there are other ways in which you think you could work with me contact me at glutenfreealchemist@gmail.com.

Gluten Free Alchemist © 2013-17 unless otherwise indicated

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